What every child needs

  • Every child needs to feel loved.
...that they matter very much to someone, that there are people who care about them,
...that people who love them, enjoy being with them and sharing their joy, fun and laughter.
  • Every child needs to believe they have been accepted.
…that they are always loved just like they are, even when their behavior is unacceptable;
…that they will be allowed to grow and develop in their own way.
  • Every child needs to know that they have security.
…that they fit in, belong to a family or group;
…that they will have help when they face new or frightening situations.
  • Every child needs to feel protected.
…that they are safe from harm;
…that, even in a crisis, they will have their needs met.
  • Every child needs to experience independence.
…that they are given the opportunity to have self-confidence in themselves,
…that they know they have the ability to do things for themselves and by themselves.
  • Every child needs to have faith.
...that they can trust the people in their lives,
…that God made them and loves them,
…that The Bible gives guidance in how to live.
  • Every child needs to know they will be given guidance.
…that they will have loving help in learning how to behave toward persons and things,
…that the grown-ups around them will show them, by example, how to get along with people.
  • Every child needs control.
…that helps them know, understand and respect the limits of what they are permitted to do;
…that helps them understand that though they may sometimes have negative feelings, they will not
be allowed to hurt themselves or others in order to express those feelings.
by Willa Ruth Garlow