What should church be like?

It's easier to start talking about what the building should look like and how many people should be there on Sundays.  But, church should be made up of people, not a head count.  Church should be a loving home, not a house of resentment.  Church should nurture growth, not encourage stagnancy and death.

Our answer is this . . . A church needs to be like a healthy tree that grows deep (in faith), is bound together (in love), and reaches beyond where it is planted.  THIS is the kind of church that we want to be like . . . how about you?

Vision & Mission

Our desire is to be a rooted community of Christ-followers, positively engaging our local community and beyond. This desire shapes our vision statement: We are rooted in faith, bound together by God's love.

To accomplish this vision, we are striving to be a mission-minded church by actively meeting and engaging others. So, our daily mission is this:  We will sow seeds of love in Jesus's name.

Upcoming Events

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