music minister

ROLE:  The Music Minister Leads the congregation in all areas of worship, music and audio/visual (A/V).  Prayerful planning, vision, and creativity are used to prepare worship orders, songs and arrangements, and rehearse the music teams in preparation for worship gatherings. 


  1. Maintain healthy devotional habits that are an example to others.
  2. Work closely with the Worship Ministry Team to plan, coordinate, lead, and evaluate the music and A/V ministries of FBC Lorena.
  3. Disciple congregants in personal spiritual growth, worship, ministry, and outreach.
  4. Build, minister to, and maintain relationships with congregants through personal involvement in their lives.
  5. Collaborate with the Lead Pastor for weekly planning and preparation.
  6. Oversee planning, organizing, directing, and evaluating the music ministry, including choirs, worship team
  7. Prepare all technology and musical elements necessary for Worship Gatherings.


  1. Study and make recommendations for organizational change, space usage, equipment, furnishings, and policy or procedure changes related to music and A/V ministry.
  2. Recruit, organize, and maintain schedules for all music and A/V ministry groups.
  3. Organize and maintain all music and A/V equipment, materials, and supplies.
  4. Work in cooperation with church staff and leaders to facilitate coordination of activities and larger ministry objectives.
  5. Prepare and submit ministry budget requests and administer the approved budget according to policy.
  6. Serve as ex-officio member of the Church Council.
  7. Communicate information through appropriate media platforms concerning programs, events, and calendar dates.  Direct and lead applicable additional events.
  8. Relate well to the Staff, Church Council, Worship Ministry Team, Personnel Committee, and the congregation.


  1. The Lead Pastor is the director supervisor.
  2. Staff meetings will be held weekly.  Attendance is required.
  3. A "team" spirit and cooperative effort is necessary and will be cultivated.
  4. Accountability is expected and required of all staff in the areas of spiritual development, ministry development, personal conduct (including social media interaction), working relationships, and work performance.     

ACCOUNTABILITY:  The Lead Pastor is the direct supervisor, the Music Minister is also accountable to the Worship Ministry Team, and to the Personnel Committee.


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