Future Planning Committee Report

october 24, 2021

Report #4

The Future Planning Committee has met again three times since our last report to the church, for a total of twelve committee meetings. Pastor Heath has attended these last three meetings. Since our last report, we have met with Susan Yow from Shepherd’s Heart food pantry twice to review a proposal that the Committee is prepared to submit to the church in its final report. In our second meeting, Susan confirmed that the committee’s proposed report and recommendation has been approved by the Shepherd’s Heart board. Basically, the proposal is for the church to set aside an area of about 1/3 acre on the rear of the church property on Oak Street. It is believed that this lot size will accommodate a building of about 2800 sq. ft. with appropriate parking (as required by the City of Lorena).As part of the proposal, church will contribute up to $100,000 toward the cost of parking and Shepherd’s Heart will pay for the cost of the building. The building, estimated to cost about $250,000 - $275,000, will be owned by the church and leased to Shepherd’s Heart, LLC at a minimal annual cost.

Further, the committee, after careful consideration and study has settled on a likely recommendation, pending an estimate of the cost, of a two-story expansion of the Fellowship Hall between the current Fellowship Hall and the Office building which will include the installation of an elevator as the most desirable option for recommendation to the church. Such an addition would accomplish a needed expansion of the Fellowship Hall, reduce the cost of an elevator installation, add additional Bible study rooms on the second story, and generally enhance the appearance and utility of the church facilities. We are continuing to attempt to obtain cost estimates. We recently met with Pearson Construction of Waco and expect a cost estimate for expansion of Fellowship Hall and elevator installation in a couple of weeks.

The committee also has obtained cost estimates from two of three landscape architects for master plans for landscaping the courtyard area at the church entrance.

We continue to work with Pat Ekern, BGCT Architect, on floor plans and elevations of the addition. Her insight into code and ADA (American with Disabilities Act) requirements as well as her creativity in design and problem solving has been invaluable. Attempts to locate architects and construction companies that can assist in obtaining necessary drawing, cost estimates, and design ideas are ongoing. These plans as well as other details of our work are available upon request


Future Planning Committee

First Baptist Church, Lorena