Future Planning Committee Report

September 24, 2021

Report #3

The Future Planning Committee has met twice since our last report to the church, for a total of nine
committee meetings. Since our last report, we have met with R & R Remodeling and Ronnie Laird,
builder, to obtain conceptual cost estimates for three building options. Option 1 and 2 are options for
expansion of the Fellowship Hall which includes the installation of an elevator and option 3 is for a
separate building to house the Shepherd’s Heart food pantry. We have also met with three landscape
architects who are developing master plans and cost estimates for landscaping within the Center Street
entrance area to the church. We have obtained two estimates for the cost of an elevator, but not the
cost of installation. We have located a Waco Contractor (Team Z) familiar with elevator shaft
construction and will meet with them soon.

Pat Ekern, BGCT Architect, presented us earlier this week three floor plans and elevation options for
consideration. We have not yet completed review of these options. Once the committee completes the
review and makes a final decision, Pat will also provide us a site plan of the option(s) we consider best.
These options sheets can be provided to anyone upon request but are too bulky for inclusion here.
We have met with Heath and have obtained his insights on future planning, including future ministries,
and he will be included in all future meetings of the committee.

The Committee is working on a time for a second meeting with representatives from the Shepherd’s
Heart food pantry to discuss the Committee recommendations for the separate structure referenced

First Baptist Church, Lorena
Future Planning Committee.