You are INvited!

We take it as a great honor that you would consider being our guest!  Visiting a new place - like a church - can easily be daunting, but our hope is that you will feel welcomed by a friendly bunch of people who really want to know YOU as you are.  So, come!  Join us.

We really do look forward to meeting YOU!

When We Meet

Honestly, there are many more opportunities to join together during the week, but here are some of the basics:

Join us Sundays!

9:30am - Bible Studies & Sunday School (for all ages)

10:45am - Worship Service

Join us Wednesdays!

6:30pm - Nursery & Kids ROCK (for babies - 6th grade)

6:30pm - The GATHERING (for students, 7th - 12th grade)

6:30pm - Prayer Time & Bible Study (for all adults)

7:30pm - Adult Choir Rehearsal

From our pastor

Hi!  I am so glad that you are perusing our website to scope out our church and most importantly our loving people who really make our faith community what it is.  Since my family first moved to FBC Lorena, we have felt the love, welcome, and generosity of a group of Christ-followers who desperately desire to make a positive impact on our community.  This is what the church should be!  So, it is my joy to greet YOU just as my family has been greeted here...with love, welcome & generosity.

If there is anything at all that we may do for you and yours, please do not hesitate to contact us!  In fact, it would be my personal joy to welcome you and visit with you personally. Don't let the picture to the right fool you!  (It does look kind of serious).  We are an approachable group of normal people who are trying to follow God and serve others...and that means you, too!

I look forward to meeting YOU soon!